Saturday, October 29, 2011

A Visit to the Pumpkin Patch...and Other Scary Stories

So we decided with Mario's parents here and Adam at school that the grown ups out numbered the kids so it was safe going to the pumpkin patch to pick a a few pumpkins to carve. Spooner Farms is a locale patch that is quite popular to visit. They had a cute activity barn with chicks, small pigs, bunnies and even a couple of turkeys. Tyler and Alex liked watching them once they were sure the animals were locked in pens. They also have a large corn maze but Linda won't go in a corn maze because she is pretty sure there are rodents in those.
We lucked out with the weather because as soon as we got back into the car it started pouring down rain. Since things when so smoothly at the patch we decided to attend my ward's Trunk or Treat dinner that evening. I kind of felt bad for Mario's parents because there were kids running around and all sorts of crazy costumes. I asked if there is anything like this in Ecuador where they are from and they said no, but they did join in the fun. After dinner everyone goes out to the parking lot where the kids go around and trick or treat to the cars. It was very dark and hard to keep track of the kids. We are happy to report that we managed to get through the evening without loosing anyone so I call that a successful day!

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