Saturday, October 29, 2011

A Visit to the Pumpkin Patch...and Other Scary Stories

So we decided with Mario's parents here and Adam at school that the grown ups out numbered the kids so it was safe going to the pumpkin patch to pick a a few pumpkins to carve. Spooner Farms is a locale patch that is quite popular to visit. They had a cute activity barn with chicks, small pigs, bunnies and even a couple of turkeys. Tyler and Alex liked watching them once they were sure the animals were locked in pens. They also have a large corn maze but Linda won't go in a corn maze because she is pretty sure there are rodents in those.
We lucked out with the weather because as soon as we got back into the car it started pouring down rain. Since things when so smoothly at the patch we decided to attend my ward's Trunk or Treat dinner that evening. I kind of felt bad for Mario's parents because there were kids running around and all sorts of crazy costumes. I asked if there is anything like this in Ecuador where they are from and they said no, but they did join in the fun. After dinner everyone goes out to the parking lot where the kids go around and trick or treat to the cars. It was very dark and hard to keep track of the kids. We are happy to report that we managed to get through the evening without loosing anyone so I call that a successful day!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Now Open

This last week we have had a "soft" opening of our new SubZero. We had a few glitches getting the sneeze guard (I know that is a terrible name) installed. It came from Utah with a big crack but we decided to order a new one and use the cracked on until it comes.
Installing the "sneeze guard"
On Tuesday night we had an open house for friends and family of our crew and the construction crew. It was a great opportunity to train our crew (and us).
making fresh ice cream...Yummmy
 Once we got everything put together it was a great night. 
some of our biggest fans!
We feel blessed to have such fun kids working for us! The store is almost in perfect shape. Our official "grand opening" will be October 6th. 

Monday, September 5, 2011

Building Update

The walls finished before painting. We can finally see the size and shape of our store.
Plumbing. Check. Electrical. Check. Now the real transformation begins.
This week they delivered the nitrogen tank to the store. It is actually starting to look like a SubZero. We are very excited for the grand opening coming up soon.
Cabinetry almost assembled, next granite
The front door and window pane had to be removed in order to get the tank inside
Daniel (standing) is our hard working contractor
moving the tank into place
TaDa this is the tank's new home

Farmer's Market - Liquid Nitrogen Edition

While our store is under construction we have been selling our ice-cream at the Federal Way farmer's market and at the International Sand Sculpture Competition.

Justin playing with liquid nitrogen, it is only -320 degrees
Laura and Sarah making the freshest ice cream in town

Sub Zero

We have been hard at work getting ready to open our very own SubZero franchise. Here are some pictures of the progress. We have also been getting lots of practice selling ice-cream at our farmer's market and at the International Sand Sculpture Competition.
This is the before, the store was previously a Quiznos that went out of business   
First we had to Demo the old store
Don't worry no children were electrocuted in the demo of this store
Linda is a gangsta slave driver
making children work for their supper
Break time with Papa

Jennie and Laura scraping glue off of the walls       
Justin determined to break into the safe. He got $11 in nickles 

Updates from Argentina

Lots of stuff going on with Daniel in Argentina. Only 15 weeks left on the mission.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

A Visit From the Grandsons

The boys and I had a fun day at Steele Lake Park. 

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Congratulations Adrian and Laura

All graduated from BYU-Idaho and on the way to life in the O.C.
Celebrating in front of the Jacob Spori building