Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Good Bye Saghalie

Today Laura graduated from Middle School. All of our kids went to Saghalie and she is the last one. Now she will be moving on to Decatur High School, where I graduated some ......years ago. Time sure does go by so fast. It seems that it wasn't so long ago that I had a house full of little kids, now I usually have a house full of teenagers.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Moving Truck

Mike's truck broke down and needed to be towed to Dad's house. The tow truck left it on the driveway parked very crookedly. The best way to get the guys in our family to do something is to tell them they can't.The VanderHoeven Machine boys were able to pick up the truck and move it straight.

Maple Valley Days

This week end we had a craft sale in Maple Valley. It was held at Lake Wilderness Park. We have been working hard so we had a lot to sell. By day three the park was getting pretty dusty so we had quite a job keeping things clean. Here are a few pictures.

Hair Cuts

Jennifer has been saying for a long time that she wanted to get her hair cut. Jack loves her long hair and would always encourage her to keep it that way. One day I took both Jennifer and Laura for their long awaited haircuts. Jennifer said that she was to scared to go without me.
They both turned out great. Laura wasn't so sure about her cut, but she looks cute as ever.


We have had a very busy few weeks and it isn't letting up yet. Last week we had a niece and nephew graduate from High School. In our family between college and high school graduations there have been, I think, like eight! Patricia VanderHoeven graduated from Fife High School on June 9th at the Tacoma Dome. She will be heading to the University of Utah in the fall. I wasn't able to get pictures of her graduation.

Jacob Sirrine graduated from Bonney Lake High School on June 10th at the Puyallup Fair grounds. He is working full time to get ready for his mission.Jacob at his graduation ceremony.
The Sirrine family (the part that still lives here) with Opa in the background.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

We've Been Making Plans

Mike was so excited to get started. All he had available was oven mitts.
Watch out pesky berry vines!
Putting our creative minds together! The VanderHoeven machine getting ready for a party!
This will be a lot of fun!!!! Just wait, only two months to go.