Monday, March 9, 2009

Playhouse Demolition

Linda and Jennifer enjoying the new playhouse

Way back about 20ish years ago Linda asked Opa if he would make her a playhouse. Back then Linda, Adrian and Jennifer were the only grandkids around and pretty much got what ever they asked for from Opa and Oma.
Adrian and Linda

So Opa and Uncle Frank got to work building an fancy playhouse for Linda. Mom and I worked on making curtains, carpeting and wallpapering the interior (by the way, have you ever tried to wallpaper and 4 foot high ceiling with slopeing walls? Not easy). It turned out so cute with a windmill on the dutch door and a wooden shoe over the door for luck. Somewhere I have pictures of the construction and if I ever find them I will add them to the post. Through the years the playhouse has seen many hours of fun from almost all of the grandkids.

Grandma VanStraaten and I joined in on the fun

A couple of weeks ago our family got together to have a yard work party over at Opa's house. We were planning on reroofing the playhouse and replacing the cracked windows. When Jack started taking off the old roofing material we discovered that the wood was starting to rot so we made the decision to tear down the playhouse. Kind of sad at first and then our destructive personalities took over.I banged holes in the sheet rock while Jack tore it out and tossed it. It was quite a job because I think that Opa and Uncle Frank enjoyed hammering nails. There were a ton in that thing.Joshua gets in on the act

Jacki was using her brute strength to rip apart boards. Notice her clean backside? It was really muddy and cold that day. If you ever want to get Jacki to do something, just tell her that she isn't strong enough to do it.Once the playhouse was gone we had lots of clean up to do. Under the playhouse there was a very dried out dead possum (wonder how long that was there).

After doing the yard clean up and taking I think 4 loads of junk to the dump we were able to go inside and enjoy a February birthday party that Cat had planned. We were all very glad that all of that hard work was behind us for that day anyway!


jennifer said...

this makes me sad :(

The VanderHoevens said...

Yes - but if you seeing it rotting straight through was getting pretty sad too. :(

Bob and Karen Lutz said...

Flattering picture of Jacki. You caught her best side. I'm sure she loves that. It was actually a really fun day, even with all the hard work.

Linda A. said...

So many fun memories! I loved that playhouse!