Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Ady Boy is 50!

Today is my brother, Adrian's birthday! It is a big one for him as he is turning 50.I love my brother, he has a good heart and makes me laugh.One of my favorite things about Ady is that he always is making up fun games out of everything. He loves to spend time with his family playing tennis or walking his dogs.
I don't have very many recent pictures of Ady because he can be found around town delivering packages not posing for pictures.
Have a wonderful day Ady!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Feed the Birds

Jack is quite a fan of watching birds and tries to keep our backyard feeders stocked at all times.Yesterday while he was refilling the feeders we noticed a little pine siskin just sitting on the thistle feeder.He was able to slowly walk right up to it, held out a hand of seed and the siskin actually took some seed right out of his hand.The birds in our back yard are also big fans of our fountain. We have had whole flocks of goldfinches having "pool" parties in the fountain.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Dance Dance Dance

Well we finally decided that since all of our kids (except Adrian, I don't know why) are dancers that Jack and I would give it a try. Pacific Ballroom started adult dance classes and we started last night. It was really fun, we learned the basics of Foxtrot and Waltz. I can understand why dancers are in such good shape. We did simple things and still got a little worn out. Watch out dancing with the stars here we come.The Pacific Dance studios have come such a long way from renting various schools and the Pacific Community Center. I thought I would post some pictures of the progress. So many people have donated time, talents and lots of money to this project. It has been a blessing to my children.
This is the two main studio floors. Eventually we want to have a large sliding wall to divide the two for practice. This is right inside of the front entrance. Notice the decal on the door, we donated that. Also there is a front desk (that is Mary Jane Lee sitting at it). It is carpeted now, has a small store, office, lounge area for parents, homework room and a third small studio for individual practices and also classes for small children. The kids love having one place where all of the practices and activities are held.

Bounce Bounce Bounce

Last Saturday was a day where we bounced all around the area to get Laura to her various activities. I thought that having five kids was a challenge, but having one very active 13 year old keeps us on our toes. After running her to Ballroom dance lessons we needed to rush her up to her Solo Ensemble competition 15 miles away.
She made it right on time to sing her duet with her friend Kendall. They did a very nice job of singing "All Through the Night".
Then they needed to rush down the hall to be on time to sing with their small group. Laura has a very good voice, it would be nice to hear her sing more often.

When they were finished singing we needed to sweep Laura away so that she could change into her Pacific Ballroom uniform and make the 30ish mile trip to downtown Seattle for a performance.Jack and I decided that we were tired of following Laura around for awhile so we took a drive around Lake Union to check out the area. It was such a beautiful day and so we enjoyed getting some sunshine. We also drove around the University of Washington campus. I had never done that before, it is a beautiful campus.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Facts About Karen

Today is my sister Karen's birthday and I wanted to write a few of my favorite things about her so that you can get to know her too!

1. Karen's "opa" nickname is Noycie Joycie.2. When Jeff was a toddler he called her "Nannie" because she always took care of him
3. She is the second child out of six.4. She hates to wear shoes.
5. She taught me how to do a back walkover. (and other gymnastics)6. She made me stop sucking my thumb when I was 12 because she threatened to tell my "boyfriend".
7. She can chew through a clothesline faster than anyone else in the world.
8. She was so in love with Donny Osmond that she wore purple socks.9. She never forgave my parents for making her go to girls camp instead of an Osmonds concert.
10. She met the love of her life when she was only 16 and married him when she was 18.
11. She is very loyal.12. She is the mother of 5 and the devoted wife of Bob.
13. She is the grandmother of 2 and 3/4.
14. She has the midas touch, anything she touches turns to gold.
15. She is a sun worshiper and goes on trips to visit the sun regularly.16. She walks more than 1000 miles a year.
17. She loves her beagles (who would have guessed that?)
18. Karen loves her family.
19. Karen has a sensitive kind heart and gets us involved in all kinds of volunteer efforts.20. She loves extreme tastes; extra hot spicy stuff, burnt toast.....
21. Can clean a shower better than anyone I know.
22. Does not like to read or go to movies. (short attention span)
23. Loves family history
24. Is always up for a party.
25. Never does anything halfway.
26. Loves the Gospel and serves diligently.
27. Is Loved by her family, (especially me!)

I am sure I missed many of Karen's attributes but these are a few that came to my mind. Happy Birthday Karen.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Sad News in Logandale

Yesterday we received the sad news that the LDS Church in Logandale had been destroyed by a fire. Seeing the pictures and reading the news reports made me (Jack) realize the significance a building can have in a persons life. I grew up a mile away from the church. My father and many of the other men in the community helped build the Logandale Church. I was blessed as a baby in it, baptized, received the priesthood and had many wonderful experiences there. My first talk in junior Sunday School was there. In the Logandale Ward building I learned many of the lessons that have stayed with me throughout my life. I spent dozens of hours mowing the church lawn and weeding the flower beds. My friends and I explored the church basement in the dark in an attempt to show our own bravery and scare the others. We spent nights before ward barbecues tending the fire in the barbecue pits behind the church. My Eagle Scout project was removing some overgrown trees near the church entrance and replacing them with other trees, and soon after that I and several of my close friends received our Eagle Awards together in the same building. My missionary farewell and homecoming were at the church.

Several years ago our old Logandale home that my father had built and where I was raised burned down. Now the two most significant buildings of my youth where I had may wonderful experiences have been destroyed by fire.Fortunately, however, fire does not take away our memories. Nor does it take away the bonds with family and friends. If anything, it poignantly brings to our awareness how important family, friends and experiences are. Nonetheless, just as I have missed seeing our old home when I have returned to visit the Valley, I will now miss the old Logandale Ward building. But I will be forever thankful for the role it played in my youth and for the lessons I learned there.

Happy Birthday to Jack

Happy Birthday to Jack,

Your are my best friend! This is us hiking in Switzerland the day we were engaged.

We haven't aged that much have we???

Jack loves Hiking....

Bird watching (while hiking)


Spending time with family.....

cooking and mostly...

Spending time with our grandchildren. We all love and appreciate you so much Jack!