Sunday, September 7, 2008

The Great Idaho Migration

This time of year marks the time for the great migration of students to school. This year we have three of our kids attending Brigham Young University- Idaho. We have had such a full house for the summer it seems strange to have so many leave. Adrian and Laura left on Wednesday morning. They took the quick and comfortable way of flying. Adrian has only been home for a little more than a month so he didn't have so much stuff.Jennifer and Daniel are a totally different story. Jennie was attending BYU-I last year and left a whole car load of stuff in Adrian's car in Idaho over the summer. We didn't think she would have too much but what was I thinking! She accumulated a whole lot of stuff over the summer. This is Daniel's first year so he needed to bring everything he would need to survive an apartment of six guys.
Once they got everything into the living room, we realized that it was going to be a pretty tight fit into "Archibald" their car. I was away at work so luckily Linda and Adam were here to help them pack.Now they are safe and sound in their own apartments in Rexburg ready to start another great year of learning. I am sure they will manage to fit some fun in there somewhere!I will really miss them, but not all of their stuff.

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