Monday, September 29, 2008


This is my very rare and lovely sticker. They are very hard to come by and not easily earned. I wear my VanderHoeven Machine proudly!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The VanderHoeven Machine Keeps Rolling Along

It is a wonderful thing when we are able to add to our family. The VanderHoeven side of our family has been blessed seven times this year with new babies. Your might say that we have had our own sort of population explosion. Sunday night Jeff and Val were blessed with one of the cutest babies I have ever seen, Zachary. Valerie had a pretty rough labor and eventually needed to deliver via c-section. Of course me not wanting to miss anything headed to the hospital right after Sacrament Meeting. I didn't need to hurry because Zachary wasn't born until 11:43 p.m.
We were all perfectly comfortable weeding vinyl letters and visiting.Valerie? Not so much.
This is Jeffrey before heading into the delivery room for the birth.
Zachary meets Sarah and Joshua for the first time while Benjamin sleeps comfortably at our house.Sarah and Josh watching Zachary's first bath. They wouldn't let them in the nursery because there was another baby in there.A daddy and his third son.Jeff and Val continuing their run of great looking kids.

Monday, September 15, 2008


Adam, Ben, Connor
Have you ever tried to get a picture of three little boys at the same time. If you have than you know what a daunting task that can be. Well, this is the best I have for now. After all of that, I am so mad that I didn't use my fill flash to defuse some of the shadows. Oh well, maybe when they are asleep I can get one.

Cousins Rock

While Linda was here with her boys we tried to spend lots of time with the cousins. What is really fun is that Adam, Benjamin and Connor are all close in age and extremely close in size. We have found that the ideal place to go with 2 - 3 year olds is a park so we visited a few.Adam and Benjamin had a blast at Steel Lake Park. The problem there is that the playground is so big we were afraid of loosing them.This is one of the very rare times that we were able to get Ben to sit still long enough to eat a few bites of his lunch.Adam and Connor had a great time at Anderson park in Redmond. We enjoyed a nice warm day and a picnic in the shade. Karen makes the best picnics.Karen also did a fantastic job keeping the tetter-totter going. Adam liked to sing "This is the way the ladies ride" as he bounced.Corey liked to graze in the grass and suck on ice cubes.Laura is super helpful with the kids. I think she just may have been having some fun too.

Where Did The Time Go?

It seems to me that it was such a short time ago that Pam and I had our first children, Christopher and Linda. Linda was born just two weeks after Chris. We were living in Canton, Texas at the time and Mike and Pam were in Killeen, Texas.
We got together at Mike and Pam's and took pictures of our new babies.

Now flash forward almost 25 years... Tyler, Linda and Mario's baby was born just three weeks before Logan, Chris and Cat's baby. We thought it would be fun to repeat that picture with our grand kids.
Tyler and Logan weren't into a photo session. Tyler even let out a yawn to show us how bored he was. What I don't understand is this....How come everyone else grew up and look so much older when we haven't changed one bit???

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Happy Birthday Jeffrey!

Happy Birthday Jefferson Tyke the boy we like!

Little Drummer Boy

My favorite little brother

We love you Jeff!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Lions and Tigers and Bears... Oh My!

Ok so maybe I am talking about Mountain Lions and the only Tiger around was the picture on Adam's shirt, but we had a great day at Northwest Trek. Saturday was such a beautiful day, the kind that we often get here in western Washington in September. We definitely wanted to spend the day in the great outdoors. We have a wild animal park here that has only the native animals from the Pacific Northwest. The kids had a great time getting close up and personal with the animals.
Adam likes to pretend to be afraid of even the stuffed animals.They have a tram ride there that takes you back into the hills where you can see many more of the local fauna. For some reason Adam was absolutely terrified at the prospect of going onto this tram. He screamed in horror as we stood in line trying to convince him that the tram stayed on a road and wasn't any kind of roller coaster. Once we were out of the station he determined that we were in no immediate danger and settled down for a fun ride.Tyler liked to watch the trees go by.

The Great Idaho Migration

This time of year marks the time for the great migration of students to school. This year we have three of our kids attending Brigham Young University- Idaho. We have had such a full house for the summer it seems strange to have so many leave. Adrian and Laura left on Wednesday morning. They took the quick and comfortable way of flying. Adrian has only been home for a little more than a month so he didn't have so much stuff.Jennifer and Daniel are a totally different story. Jennie was attending BYU-I last year and left a whole car load of stuff in Adrian's car in Idaho over the summer. We didn't think she would have too much but what was I thinking! She accumulated a whole lot of stuff over the summer. This is Daniel's first year so he needed to bring everything he would need to survive an apartment of six guys.
Once they got everything into the living room, we realized that it was going to be a pretty tight fit into "Archibald" their car. I was away at work so luckily Linda and Adam were here to help them pack.Now they are safe and sound in their own apartments in Rexburg ready to start another great year of learning. I am sure they will manage to fit some fun in there somewhere!I will really miss them, but not all of their stuff.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

School Day

Ahhh… the day that most mothers around the country look forward to, the first day of school. Tuesday was the first day for Laura. It is her last year at Saghalie and to her dismay the first year that they have to wear uniforms. I am pretty excited about the uniform thing because there is no questions about what to wear every day. Shopping for uniforms was fairly easy because except for fit, they are all the same.I am sad to see the end of summer because I love the warm weather and long days. I do like having the return of routine though. We now start back to cheerleading practice and Laura will have ballroom dance three days a week. Well what can I say but the life of a mom is a big job, thank heavens that Jack is so supportive and willing to help.

Weekend in the Mountains

Last week Adrian’s friend Laura came up to Washington for a visit. We wanted to show her all of the best of our beautiful state. My friends, the Backman family, were kind enough to let us invade their cabin on Snoqualmie Pass. The cabin in is such a beautiful setting and has all of the amenities for a relaxing time in the mountains. Of course in our family we are never happy with just relaxing unless we share it with the whole family.
We drove up Sunday after church and soon were joined by parts of the Sirrine, VanderHoeven, Lutz and all of the Keenan families. Since a good part of the family was on a camping trip our group was quite a bit smaller than usual. The Nerf guns were a huge hit.Cat brought up pizza dough and we all brought toppings so we made our own calzones. Cat is an excellent baker and the calzones were almost Craigo’s pizza bomb good. During dinner Pam received a call from Mike that their super hike to Goat Lake was snowed out and they were on the way home. We talked them into joining us for a nice warm bed and hot tub. It didn’t take too much convincing and they straggled in achy and tired a couple of hours later.This gave us the opportunity to fully immerse poor Laura into our large and not so quiet family. I hope she wasn’t too overwhelmed by us. Our family loves to be together just hanging around and visiting. We enjoyed the hot tub and it felt so good to relax.I really like that I am now moving up in generation with all of the new babies in our family. I love watching the little kids play with each other and try to communicate. It is also fun to see how much like their parents they look.Everyone else left on Monday morning and our family stayed around for the day. Daniel had to leave at 5 a.m. to get to work by 7. The best part of was that Jack and the kids went to hike the train tunnel. It is a popular part of the Iron Horse trail, many people ride bikes through the 2.5 mile tunnel. It is completely dark so you need to bring along flash lights. I dropped them off and then went back to the cabin to enjoy a few hours of peace and quiet with my book.On the way back home we stopped by to see Snoqualmie Falls. It is an impressive waterfall that is a 268 foot drop over granite rock. The falls makes a great backdrop for lots of pictures.The end of a great weekend.