Sunday, July 20, 2008

Lake Tapps

If I could image what heaven would look like I think mine would look like Lake Tapps. There is no other place I can think of that I would rather spend a day. The views of Mt. Rainier and the lake are breathtakingly spectacular. On Thursday Laura and I were invited to go with Laura and Braylee Gabel out on their boat. The weather was just perfect for a day on the lake. The water was pretty warm too. Our friends, the Edwards, have a great piece of property right on the lake. That is where we launch the boat. The feel of the fresh air on your face as you race along really does a body good. Laura is getting pretty good at the knee board and is even able to do 360%’s. I tend to be a bit of a speeder so my kids get a little nervous when I am driving the boat. For some reason they trust Laura Gabel more than their own mother. Hmmmm. Later on that day Daniel, a couple of his friends, Jack and Jennifer joined us for a bit of wakeboarding and tubing. I couldn't find my camera at the time so these pictures are from some previous trips to the lake.

By the way, I don’t know if you have noticed but my Laura lives the good life.

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Riland and Jamie Duka said...

When you drive it is a little scary because you pulled Allison Collier and I at like 70 mph!! But it was a blast!