Thursday, July 31, 2008


The Rogue River is a very popular place for water lovers. The water is warm and the scenery is breathtaking. I am a big water lover as are most of our family. Yesterday we went on a 75 mile trip on the river. It was so much fun! We rode on a jet boat that is able to run on water as low as 8 inches deep. It can really fly over the rapids. The trip down the river goes through what is known as Hellsgate a very narrow canyon. Several movies were filmed in the canyon, one of them being "The River Wild" a movie that I really like. One of our favorite activities on the jet boat are when we would spin 360 degrees. The whole boat and everybody in it would get soaked. There are several rafters on the river and they like to try to get us with big squirt guns but we would just come back up the river and turn right next to them and send a wave over them getting them really wet. We also had lunch at a resort along the way. Adam had a good time but he would not let Papa take his arms off of him. Every time Jack would try to lift up his binoculars to look at a bird Adam would pull his arms back down around him. This trip was very worth it and I would recommend it to anybody that likes fast boats and lots of water!

We saw lots of wildlife. Bald eagles, turtles, osprey, herrons, deer swimming accross the river and even a stuffed bear in the gift shop.

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