Monday, July 7, 2008

Happy Birthday America

The fourth of July celebrates three of my favorite things... Fire, Loud Noises and the birth of the greatest country on earth. To make it even better Jack and I got to spend the fourth with Mario, Linda and Adam. I had some extra time off and Jennie's flight benefits kicked in so I took the first flight I could to Medford. Some might think that a small plane like the one we flew on this time on Horizon Air is pretty scary but this was a breeze compared to the last plane I rode in. Usually it takes a good 7 hours to get to Medford and the flight was a mere hour and a half.

The day started with a community parade. We were trying to decide whether to go to the parade in Central Point, where they live, or Ashland a close by community. Then Linda mentioned that the Ashland parade was going to feature naked hippies with hemp g-strings. We opted for the family friendly version in Central Point. It was fun, the whole community, so it seemed, turned out to see horses, old cars.... all of the usual parade stuff. A couple of the the highlights were that at the beginning of the parade two F-16 fighter jets flew over. That brought an a huge cheer from the crowds. I love the sound of jet engines. When we lived over in Germany we always said that it was the sound of freedom.

Another thing in the parade that we loved was that all of the missionaries in the area were holding a huge flag. It is so nice to see such great guys out there serving and setting such a good example to the community.

Despite it being really really hot it was such a fun time. The scouts were passing out water bottles and other people were passing out bubbles and sidewalk chalk to the kids.

One thing that was kind of funny in the parade was that people would cheer and clap for everything except when the "old guys for Obama" walked by only about 3 people clapped. I bet that they would have had a better reception at the "Naked" parade in Ashland.

In the evening we went to the "Medford Boom" it was at Harry and David field. The fireworks were great and it was another very fun community event. People there are crazy about fireworks. They were being set off all over the area. Adam right away found himself a little girl to play with and it was so cute to watch them. I asked him what he was saying to her and he said just he is Adam.


The Keenan Family said...

looks like a ton of fun! I can't wait till I have flight benefits and then I see a lot of weekend trips to Medford myself.

Linda A. said...

Medford is the place to be! lol... I'm so glad that you guys could come. It made the 4th Awesome!