Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Pacific Ballroom

For several years now my kids have been heavily involved with the Pacific Ballroom Dance Company. Daniel, Jennifer and Laura have all taken part in dance with the company. This last Saturday was their annual concert. It is so impressive to see what the instructors have been able to accomplish with these youth. There are so many people who donate so much time and effort to this cause. Laura is on the beginning team this year, it was her first year on the team. She was in two dances, a polka to music from the Disney movie Ratatouille and “Ladies Choice” from the Broadway musical Hairspray. Since Hairspray is one of Laura’s favorite movies I think she really enjoyed that one the most. Laura was able to sell tickets to all of her teachers and even her principal and vice-principal attended. I love watching her dance, she is so cute and the beginning team did very well! They are always a hit.

Daniel is on the advanced competition team. His team went to Provo in March to compete in Nationals. At this competition they took third place in Latin Formation and fifth place in Standard. Daniel was in, I think, eight different dances at the concert ranging from Hip Hop to the Latin Medley. I am pretty sure he had to do a lot of racing around backstage with all of his costume changes. I got so many comments from people about Daniel being such a great showman and that he is a “natural” with audiences. He has made so many wonderful friends in this program. I think it is a little sad for him to move on from the team. He will be attending BYU-I next year so I am sure he will pick up where he left off with Pacific Ballroom. We still have another five years of dance classes with Laura.

If you want to find out about Pacific Ballroom go to pacificballroom.org


Linda A. said...

What cute pictures. I bet the concert was awesome! I can't wait to see the DVD. Way to go Daniel and Laura!

The VanderHoevens said...

This was a lot of fun to go to!