Tuesday, June 10, 2008

It's Adrian's Birthday!

Today is another milestone in our family. Adrian is celebrating his 23rd birthday! Once again, where has the time gone. Adrian is, and always has been, such a joy to have in our family. He decided to enter this world one Sunday afternoon. Back then we used to go to my parent's home every Sunday for dinner. I started having contractions after dinner, Jack and Dad were in a heated game of chess. Jack wanted to finish the game first but my mom and grandma were pretty anxious for us to get to the hospital. Jack was in no hurry because I had 46 hours of labor with Linda. Turned out Jack wasn't too far off and we had several hours to kill. After a very difficult delivery (You may have noticed Adrian's big head), we had our first son. He was born at Tacoma General Hospital at around 3:45 a.m.. He was named, as his father was, after his grandfathers; Charles, Jack's dad and Adrian, my dad.

As I said before, Adrian has always been a joy to our family. He is very good. With Adrian there is no gray area, everything is black and white. He has always stayed away from bad influences without trying to make anyone else feel bad for their choices. Adrian is also brilliant, he has always enjoyed reading mostly non-fiction and learning about as many random facts as possible. He loves to share those facts with people. Mostly, Adrian is hilarious! Dinner time in our house has always been my favorite. We laugh a whole lot, quote our favorite movies and enjoy being together. Adrian is also really good at silly voices, like mama from "Throw Mama From The Train", he is a great artist and can even sing. We have many silly videos that he and his friends made. They even made a couple of full length movies! I love Adrian and I am always happy to see him come home for breaks! Happy Birthday Adrian!!!


The VanderHoevens said...

Wow - he is getting old! I think he looked like that first picture when I started babysitting him! - Valerie

Linda A. said...

Happy Birthday Adrian! NOw I really miss him after reading all of that!