Monday, June 9, 2008

Four Down, One To Go!

Since it is June and we have such a big family, we always have someone in the family graduating high school. This year it is Daniel's turn. Daniel has been attending Highline Community College, so he wasn't all to interested in walking at his high school graduation. He really hasn't gone to classes at Decatur High School, except for choir, for two years. However, I insisted that he walk at graduation to receive his diploma. He wasn't too happy, but I think he got over it, and he was glad he did it. I feel like this is a mile marker in a person's life, and I didn't want him to look back and wish that he would have done it.

When I reflect back, time has just flown by. It seems like just a very few years since Daniel went to his first day of Kindergarten in Ms. Domine's class. I was thinking about what a blessing it has been to be a mother and raise such wonderful kids. They are my best friends.

There is a Hymn called "Improve the Shining Moments", a part of it goes "time flies on wings of lightening, we can not call it back. It comes, then passes onward; along it's onward track. And if we are not mindful, the chance will fade away. For life is quick in passing, tis as a single day" This is so true. I need to make sure that I am enjoying and appreciating every day that I have. I am so grateful that I was home with the kids for so many years so that we could build such strong relationships. I will sure miss Daniel when he leaves for college in a few months.

We planned to have a graduation / Ernesta Day party after Daniel's graduation at our house, but since Opa was released from the hospital we moved it over to his house. We all brought our favorite Mexican foods so we had an overabundance of cheese, meat, rice, and tortillas. Really if you think about it all Mexican food is the same stuff just in different shapes!


Linda A. said...

Go Daniel! I'm so proud of my little bro. I knew that you're old enough to graduate, but seeing those pics in the cap and gown is kind of unreal. Congrats!

The VanderHoevens said...

Woo Hoo! Way to go Daniel.