Sunday, June 29, 2008

Back From Girls Camp

It has been a pretty quiet week around our home because Laura has been at girls camp. They really lucked out because the weather was not the usual June rain and it was absolutely beautiful. Girls camp is held at Hahobas which is a Boy Scout Camp on the Hood Canal. It is about a two hour drive from here. This year Laura's friend Acacia came with her to see what all of the talk was about.

At girls camp they have lots of fun classes some of the popular classes are; archery, rifle range, canoes, crafts and lots of other fun things to do. The camp is on Robin's lake which is a beautiful secluded lake. I was a lifeguard in charge of waterfront with my friend Ruth for several years. Even as leaders we had a blast.

I am grateful to the leaders who volunteer their time and some of them even vacation time from work to go and make girls camp such a wonderful experience for the girls. It is no easy task keeping around 200ish girls organized and safe for five days.

One of the highlights of camp is always campfire in the evening. The girls go there and have skits, awards, announcements and sing lots of crazy songs. The theme this year was "Destination, serve all nations". Each ward was assigned a country to represent. Our ward was the south sea islands. They decorate the camp and wear things to represent their country. I suppose the south pacific would be pretty easy to find stuff for. Camp is always a place where the girls can feel what it is like to feel the spirit and feel of our Heavenly Father's love.

The funny thing is that you drop off a nice clean, excited girl on Tuesday morning and then on Saturday afternoon..... you get a really tired, cranky (even though they insist that they aren't) dirty girl who sleeps for three days and sings crazy songs.

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Riland and Jamie Duka said...

I miss it there I want to go back!!