Wednesday, May 28, 2008

May Enrichment

I am the Relief Society Enrichment Counselor in our ward. This is a calling where you are constantly looking for great ideas for Enrichment Meeting. I finally have a great enrichment leader and board so my job just got a lot more manageable. In this picture Jennifer and Leah are helping set tables. In May we did a springtime weeding theme. Our classes were "Weeding Your Life", "Weeding Your Home of Clutter", "Weeding Your Family". It turned out very well. Most of the emphasis was on the Conference talk, "Good, Better, Best". It was about spending our precious time and energy on the "Best" things. We had a nice dinner (Hawaiian haystacks). This was a pretty simple evening with out too many frills for two reasons, one: because the whole theme was to keep things simple and two: the sisters in our ward mostly just like to sit around and visit.. I love to decorate so I thought I would take some pictures so that I could remember what I did.

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