Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Lunch Therapy

I have been so blessed in my life to have wonderful friends. I grew up in this area so there are friends that I have known most of my life. Jack and I have lived in our home for nearly 22 years now and we’ve been in several wards as the boundaries have changed. There are so many people who have blessed my life. There are many amazing women in our stake, we are all from different backgrounds, economic status and personalities but we have the gospel in common and that helps to form strong bonds. I have served in many callings and have met many people. My roots are planted really deep in Federal Way.

Laura Gabel and I met about 17 years ago. She babysat my kids while I was working. We became fast friends because Laura is always full of energy and fun. We have seen each other’s families grow and we have seen changes in our lives. Once a long time ago I asked Laura why she always seems so happy and she said because if she didn’t smile she would cry. I really took that to heart. If you try to focus on your blessings and be happy you are better able to handle the challenges that come your way. We have gone on a few trips to Mexico and a Caribbean cruise with Ron and Laura and we are always looking forward to a time that we can go again. Laura and I once went on a road trip across the country driving a car from Ohio to Washington. That was a blast and Laura only got one speeding ticket. Laura and I have had a great time decorating our homes and even building things in my home. Jack and I have formed a close bond with the Gabel children as Laura has with ours. Our kids have always been best friends, especially my Laura and Braylee Gabel.

Several years ago I served in the Stake Young Women’s presidency with Julianne Felshaw and Ruth Backman who through the years have become two of my closest friends. They are now referred to as my “Red Robin friends” by my family. This is because for about 10 years now we have treated ourselves to “therapy” lunches at Red Robin. Julianne was the president in YW and she is still the one who arranges these lunches. Ruth and I just attend when ever we are called. We try to go once a month but sometimes it is more and rarely less. There is a waitress there, Kelli, that serves us whenever she is there and knows exactly what to bring us. She keeps the Diet Coke and fries with bleu cheese dressing coming. We call our three hour lunches therapy because we share our lives with each other. We share secrets, victories and disappointments. We laugh a whole lot and even cry sometimes. We talk about everything from cholesterol levels and vacations to wedding plans. We like to show pictures of our children and grandchildren. I love this tradition! Sometimes Laura Gabel and Micci Edwards will come too. We have all formed a bond that gives me so much comfort. I always know that any one of these wonderful women would do anything for me as I would for them. They have blessed my life in ways that I can’t even express.
P.S. Happy Birthday Ruth!!


Chris and Caitlin Sirrine said...

We've seen you there before!!! I love Red Robin! We finally have a "waitress" too, she brings us Diet Cokes and Honey Poppy with our fries. -Cat

Linda A. said...

It makes it so much easier living far away knowing that you have such good friends to be there for you whenever you need them!