Monday, May 5, 2008

If Men Were Meant To Fly He Would Have Wings!

The other day Dr. Whimpey offered to fly Jennifer and me down to Linda’s house in Medford, Oregon. Dr. Whimpey has a wonderful private plane. It is a four seat Mooney. Now I don’t know a whole lot about planes but Daniel says Mooneys are great. I am terrified of flying, much less in a tiny sports car with wings, but how could I turn down such generosity and the opportunity to see Linda’s family. A lot of your flying experience depends on the weather conditions so Dr. Whimpey checked the weather in the morning and it seemed that we would have fairly clear sailing. We picked up Rhonda English, who is a hygienist in the office next door. Rhonda is a pilot also. Heading to the airport in Gig Harbor the rain started falling and I was getting a little nervous. We took off into the clouds and the ground quickly disappeared as we climbed to seven thousand feet. It is about a two hour flight and a little bit over an hour into the flight we noticed ice forming on the wings. As far as I understand that is not something you want to see and it can be quite dangerous. We watched for a short while to see if it would build up more or hopefully melt. No such luck with the melting thing. Dr. radioed in requesting we climb to between nine and ten thousand feet. The idea is to rise above the clouds where the sun can melt the ice. As we tried to climb the plane decided that this was not going to happen. The plane was struggling but we were not getting any higher. The engine started to sputter and I heard a bump. I am too afraid to ask what it was but Dr. quickly radioed that we needed to drop to five thousand feet immediately. This we did and needless to say Jennifer and I were sure we were going to die. Once we got low enough the temperature went up and the ice melted. We stayed pretty low the rest of the trip and tried to avoid the clouds. Rhonda made a perfect landing in Medford and I was so happy to see Linda and Adam on the ground waiting for us. We were so thankful to Dr. Whimpey for flying us to see our family, more so I am thankful to have my two feet safely on the ground. I am sure sometime I will get up the nerve to fly again but next time I think I will try to wait for a warm sunny day!


The VanderHoevens said...

I am pretty much about a thousand times happy I was not on that plane!

The Keenan Family said...

I would rather eat blended up cockroaches then be on a flight like that. I am a bad flyer and would have been 100% sure I was going to die.