Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Hooray for Laura

This year Laura was in the Seventh grade so that made her eligible to be on the cheer squad. Now if you are familiar with cheerleading programs in the schools they require a huge commitment from both the cheerleader and her family. Laura is our youngest child and third daughter so you we have been through this a few times. I have learned to shudder at the word "fundraiser". Jack and I decided that we could handle another round of uniforms and camp so Laura tried out at the end of last year. She made the cheer squad and immediately started her daily practices. The time commitment alone could scare anyone off. They had practice after school three days a week, pep assemblies, games and also a week of cheer camp. It has been a very fun year for her and she has made some wonderful friends. Laura is very outgoing so cheering was a great fit for her. Her coach was Erika Wilson, Erika was great with the girls and they learned so much, she also had an assistant coach. The other day we had the traditional end of the season banquet at the local Round Table Pizza. It is the time that everyone can breath a sigh of relief that we made it through another season. We get to hear wonderful things about the team members and they receive their letters and trophies. I guess we can relax a little..... but wait tryouts were a couple of weeks ago and she made it again. Here we go again with another year. If you see a bunch of girls holding car wash signs stop and say hello. I am pretty sure that Jack and I will be busily washing cars to pay for another year.

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Linda A. said...

What a cute cheerleader! I still haven't gotten to see her cheer though!