Friday, May 9, 2008

Happy Birthday Laura

Today is Laura’s birthday. This is the year that she is officially a “teen” as she is turning 13. How time has flown! It doesn’t seem like that long ago the she was just a little baby. Laura is such a sweet girl she brings so much joy to our lives. As usual Laura wanted to have a sleep over. For some unknown reason young girls love to stay up to all hours of the night giggling about anything remotely funny. I told her that she was welcome to have a couple of friends over if they promised not to bug me or keep me up all night. Of course she was willing to promise, we will see how that goes. She invited three of her very best friends. Braylee Gabel, who she has known since birth and is like a sister. Sarah VanderHoeven, who is her cousin, Sarah is exactly 7 days younger than Laura and so they always seem to celebrate their birthdays together. They used to think that they were twins. And Acacia McGee, who is on the cheer squad with Laura they have become very good friends. They are a pretty fun group of girls and I think they will manage to stay out of too much trouble. (ahh hope springs eternal)

One of the many great advantages of having Jennifer home is that she is quite a talented cake decorator. She made Laura a very cute cake complete with “designer” purses. It took her hours but the cake turned out beautifully. Jennifer would like to pursue this talent and get paid to make fancy cakes. It just wouldn’t do to have such a wonderful cake on a regular table so Jennie and Laura went out to the store to find matching accessories. She set the table with chargers, a matching tablecloth, napkins and candy dishes. One good thing about a birthday party for older kids is that all I really need to do is provide pizza and soda. I can do that!


Mike and Pam said...

Happy Birthday Laura! Seems like just yesterday you were born. Jennie, great cake too. You are very talented. You should watch the show Ace of Cakes on FoodNetwork. He makes all kinds of crazy and beautiful cakes. I think you would like it. Oh..and Michelle said thanks for the invite but she was busy tonight anyway..:).

The VanderHoevens said...

Happy Birthday Laura! I can't believe you are Sarah are that old! Thanks for making my house be that much quieter tonight ;) I think Sarah's sleepover will be on the 23rd.

Linda A. said...

Happy Birthday Laura! It looks like you guys had a blast. The cake is super cool! Love you!