Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Fun in Medford

Jennifer and I had so much fun visiting Mario and Linda but mostly we had a blast visiting Adam! Adam is just a couple months short of 3 years old. I can tell that Mario and Linda spend a lot of time with him. He is very smart and has this really funny sense of humor. I think that I could be content to just sit at a park or at home and watch him all day. He loves to listen to his dad’s latin music. Adam has a great sense of rhythm and likes to shake his hips like the little latin boy he is. It was an adventure with his potty training (see Linda’s blog for that story). Linda and Mario have been trying to figure out a name for their new son sometime before he comes. We always read off a long list of names to Adam but he rejects them all. He tells us that his little brother’s name is Ty..LER. He can’t believe that we are so dumb that we don’t catch on. Mario thinks that we are telling him to say that but really, we never even suggested the name to him. So no matter what the baby’s name turns out to be, I am pretty sure he will always be Tyler to Adam. Another great thing about going to Linda’s is that she has our old bed in her guest room. That way I don’t have to get used to a strange bed because it is already mine. They have a beautiful home and it has such a wonderful feeling in it. Linda has decorated it very cute. I always feel comfortable and love to go there. Mario sold a car to Daniel and Jennifer so Jennifer and I drove home yesterday. Man, Medford is really far away in a car. It is a beautiful drive and I did enjoy spending the day with Jennifer eating sunflower seeds and drinking diet coke.

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The Keenan Family said...

Ok first of whats up with you having fun without me? Second you had to rub it in by putting up pictures of you at Sonic? You suck. Actually I'm glad you guys had a good time! I love going to Linda's too. I will love it even more when Linda only lives 45 minutes away. Heck at this point I would take 2 hours.