Thursday, April 17, 2008


One of our favorite thing to do is go shopping. (everyone except Jack) Today Adrian, Jennifer and I decided to take the drive up to North Bend to shop at the factory outlet stores. As much as anything we love the beautiful drive and the setting of the shopping center. Adrian is heading back to Idaho tomorrow and since apparently they can't buy good stuff there we had to stock up on summer stuff. The thing about outlet stores is that they are supposed to be a big bargain. I guess if you regularly buy Coach bags and $150 jeans it is a bargain. We did find some great buys there and Adrian was able to stock up on some stuff.

We also try to call my niece Jacki any time we head anywhere north. She lives all the way in Sultan which seems to be all the way in Montana. We love to shop with her and she always has her two cute boys with her. Connor is 17 months old and Corey is about 3 months. Jacki is really busy but she does a great job! Connor especially liked to play on the riding toys outside.

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The VanderHoevens said...

Sounds fun - thanks for calling us. We got to go to the same old McDonalds today. Super fun!