Sunday, April 27, 2008

Let's Get This Straight

I am the office manager in an orthodontic office so smiles are something I notice quite a bit. My boss, Dr. Whimpey, has been practicing in Federal Way for around fourty years. He is a very kind and wonderful man. Dr. Whimpey is also a member of the church and has been a bishop and in the stake presidency. It is pretty fun because I know so many of our patients from church some of which are in other wards and stakes so I wouldn't be able to catch up with them as often if their kids weren't patients. We also have seen, in some cases three generations of patients from the same family.

So far three of our kids have made it through braces and we are just embarking on the fourth. Laura started her orthodontics a little over a month ago. She had to wait quite a while for her permanent teeth to grow in. I don't know what it is about my kids but they seem to be pretty far behind in the teeth growing business. Jennifer was past two years old when her first tooth grew in. We were worried she would never have either teeth or hair. She has mostly both now. Anyway, Laura was really excited to get her braces on. It seems that in our office we always have kids that are really excited to get their braces put on and then about a year later they can't wait to get them off. In the office we always take a picture of the kids with Dr. Whimpey on the day they get their braces on and Laura is no different. It is fun to see the changes that occur during the time they are in treatment.

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