Sunday, December 28, 2008

From the table to Table Rock

As is usual during the Christmas Season, it seems that we spent more than our share of time at the dinner table. When we arrived at Linda and Mario's home on Christmas Eve, Linda had prepared a wonderful meal for us. And of course on Christmas Day we ate well too. By Friday, the 26th, I felt like I was ready to start rolling rather than walking. Mario went to work and the girls and the little ones went to the mall, so Adrian, Daniel and myself decided to work off a few calories--not that Adrian and Daniel really needed to work them off, but I certainly did.
A few miles north of Medford lie two basalt mesas, appropriately named Table Rock. I've hiked Lower Table Rock a couple of times in the Summer, and it's a beautiful area. We decided to see what it is like during the Winter. About a quarter mile or so up the trail as we started into the madrona woods, we ran into a little snow.

As we got higher into the pines the trail was nearly completely covered in snow. It was not deep, but it added Winter beauty to the landscape. On top of Table Rock there was only a couple of inches of snow, but there was lots of water. I wore hiking boots, so my feet stayed dry, but my silly sons wore tennis shoes. By the time we got to the southern end that overlooks the valley, they had cold, wet feet. We stopped and ate a lunch that Linda had packed for us, and then started back down the mountain. It was nice hike, but I must say that I get out of breath a little faster than my boys do. At least my feet stayed warm and dry. We got back to the parking lot just as it started to rain. It was nice to spend some time with Adrian and Daniel, see some beautiful country and work off some calories hiking Table Rock rather than adding more calories at the other table.

(Judy, now you can't complain that I've never written in the blog. Jack)

Fireplace Builders

The day before Christmas Adam was concerned with the fact that Santa enters homes through the fireplace. The problem was that the Aguirre home has no fireplace. So Adam suggested that Linda help him build a fireplace for Santa. He suggested they use a lot of wood but Linda convinced him that paper would suffice. Adam was very excited for Santa to come.

It worked! Santa came and Adam (and everyone else) was thrilled.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas

Our family wishes you all a very merry Christmas. May the Lord bless you!

The Walsh Family

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Let It Snow?

To those of you living in places that are used to getting a lot of snow this may seem a little silly. We have had a whole week of snowy weather now and today is the second week in a row that church is canceled. People around here get a little excited when we even just have snow in the forecast, usually they over react and we get the usual winter icy cold rain. This time however, they were right. Yesterday the girls and I ventured out to do some shopping and while we were in the first store the snow started again and the streets were quickly covered in ice. In case you don't already know this, mini vans are terrible in snow! We decided we had better head home especially after we happened to see the front page of the paper. A bus hanging over I-5 is never a good thing, and with a "blizzard" in the future being out on the roads is a crazy place to be.

The snow has a way of making the whole world look different. This is one of the busiest streets in Federal Way and suddenly it looks like a mountain pass.When it first started snowing last Saturday, Laura and her friends were out it about 1/8" of snow making a puney snowman.Then by Sunday there was a little more....This week there is enough to cover everything.Well we can handle another "pajama Sunday" of playing games and making puzzles with the kids.Now as I look out the window, It's snowing again.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Paint, Vinyl and Lots of Work

It has been longer than usual since I have written but life has been more than a little busy. The last couple of weeks we have taken our Windmill Lettering show on the road to some local craft shows.

Our product seems to be quite popular. We have been working sun up to very late at night making all of the cute stuff we sale. I am just glad that Valerie is so organized because we have had quite a few custom orders to fill.

Last week end we did the Peninsula high school annual craft fair. It was in Gig Harbor and is a very big sale. Pam is really good at figuring out what we need to make our stand look great.

These pictures don't do it justice but they give you an idea of why we have been so busy.

To see more pictures of what we sell, click on the Windmill Lettering link.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

So Much To Be Grateful For

Today is Thanksgiving and it gives me an opportunity to really reflect on how blessed my life is. In Karen's blog she talked about how tradition in our family has it that we go around the table and say a few of the things we are thankful for. Since we are missing so much of our family this year we will use this technology to still "go around the table".

Firstly I am thankful for the gospel of Jesus Christ that has taught me to have gratitude and see my life with an eternal perspective. I feel that I am married to the most wonderful man in the world. Jack dedicates his life to doing for others, he carries me through tough times and ALWAYS has my back. He loves our family unconditionally and works so hard to support us. I just can't say enough about him.... I am blessed to be sealed to him for time and eternity. I have been blessed with a wonderful family, I was raised with strong dutch traditions and strong family ties. Anyone who follows this blog has probably figured that out. My brothers and sisters have become my friends and spending time together is always a party (sometimes just a Work party). My children are the joy of my life! They are now growing up to adulthood and I couldn't be any prouder of the people they have become. They love the gospel and live it. Linda and Mario now have children that they are raising with a love for family and gospel as well. Of course I can't forget about my precious grandsons Adam and Tyler, words can't express the love I feel for them.

I know this is kind-of long but I have been blessed with so much. I live in a free country, belong to the true church on earth and have a wonderful family..... what more could I ever ask for.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

4th and 4th

This is my fourth picture in my fourth folder. It is a picture of Jennifer, Nikki, J.J. and Bobby on a hike this summer. I think it is at Eagle Ridge. In this picture it doesn't look so high but those a boats on the lake way down there! It was quite a climb.

Tag... anyone that reads this is it. Now lets see your 4th and 4th.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Eight Things

8 favorite TV shows:
The Office
The Simpsons
Desperate Housewives
30 Rock
My Name is Earl
Criminal Minds

8 Favorite Restaurants
Red Robin
Olive Garden
Ruth's Chris
Japanese Steakhouse

8 Favorite Books
Book of Mormon
Twilight (all of them)
Harry Potter (all of them)
To Kill A Mocking Bird
Crossword Puzzles
Romance Novels (most of them)
Decorating Magazines (can I count that?)
Gossip Magazines

8 Things That Happened Yesterday
Sang in the Stake Choir
Had Stake Conf. (New Presidency)
Drove around with Jack looking at birds
Took a Nap
Watched The Simpsons
Weeded Vinyl (what else)
Talked to the kids on the phone
Listened to some Christmas music (yes, I know)

8 Things I am Looking Forward To
Seeing Jennifer and Daniel for Thanksgiving
Going to bed tonight
The Weekend
Twilight Movie
Seeing all of my family together at Christmas
Robison Family Reunion
Christmas Craft Shows

8 Things on my Wish List
A car that goes faster than 35 MPH
To see my kids
To see my grandsons
My Dad to Feel Better
A peaceful holiday season
I can't thinks of anything else I could want
8 Things I Like About Fall
Pumpkin Pie Candle Scent
Fall Decorating
Beautiful Colors of Nature
Halloween Chocolate
Wearing Jackets and Sweaters
Absolutely NOTHING ELSE (I like summer)


Sunday, November 9, 2008

Harvest Ball

Harvest Ball is one of the huge annual fundraisers for the Pacific Ballroom organization. It is always a very elegant catered affair. It was held at the Temple Theater in Tacoma. We had a lovely dinner, great company and the kids put on a terrific show.

I love the way that the Pacific Ballroom program is such a positive outlet for teen aged kids. Watching them dance and interact with each other is fun.
The first order of business was the three hour "getting ready" stage. This included about three pounds of stage make-up, false eye lashes and tons of hair gel. Pam was Michelle's beautician.

The pictures were hard to get because the kids were moving so fast but here are some of our favorites.

Michelle in "Singin in the Rain"a foxtrot she was so cute she just has this huge smile.

Laura in "The House of Bamboo" a mombo. She can sure move those hips. Yikes!

Sarah was in a quick step they did a routine to "Blue Skies".

All in all it was a great evening and I think the kids had a good time because it was really hard for us to get them to leave and go home!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Election Day

Don't Blame me, I voted Republican! It was a rough day for the right today. We took quite a hit but I think that we can turn things around when people find out that we actually need to pay for all of the promises made on the left. The one bright light is that proposition 8 passed in California so marriage is safe there for the time being.

The one big problem I have with the whole election thing is that I feel that our votes way out here in the west don't really matter because by the time our polls close, everything is already decided. I am not really sure if I totally agree with the electoral college. Here is a map of US counties, colored red and blue to indicate Republican and Democratic majorities respectively: looks to me like this country still is pretty red, that gives me more hope for the future!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Autumn Days

I am definitely a summer lover. I love long sunny days, boating, swimming, night time camp fires and anything that involves the water. So when I start to see the days getting shorter I get a little worried. We tend to have long dark nights and plenty of rain in the winter so I hate to see those days coming near. But then we have a beautiful sunny day and I am reminder why I live here. It is true that the skies are the bluest here in Seattle, and so the deep blue of the sky against the vibrant fall colors is amazingly beautiful. I can handle a little bit of rain if it means the fresh air and beautiful scenery. After all it will be summer again in only eight months!
I was picking up Laura from school the other day and we had one of those amazing fall days so I had to snap a picture.